Membership in MSHRM is a rich and rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. Although each individual finds unique advantages to joining the society, the following are among the benefits most often cited by the members:

  • Outstanding and timely educational programs.
  • Exchange of information and ideas.
  • Numerous “experts” to call regarding specific problems.
  • Interaction with other healthcare professionals.
  • Leadership opportunities, locally and nationally.
  • Opportunity to influence legislation and the legal climate.
  • Modest annual dues that include all meeting fees.

MSHRM is one of the oldest, most active, and best represented of the state organizations on the national level, yet it remains as it was originally conceived… a truly member-oriented society committed to maintaining a high degree of excellence within the profession of healthcare risk management. Since its inception, the Society has not charged the members for anything beyond annual dues. There are few such organizations today that can make that claim.