The chairpersons and the membership of these committees change annually as each new administration assumes the mantle of leadership, but the legacy of each preceding group is passed on to preserve the continuity of their efforts. This gives the entire membership an opportunity to participate in the operation of the Society and the shaping of its destiny. Great care is taken by each administration in the appointment of committee members and leaders to maintain a diversification of interest and locale on each committee. Many Society members have participated in numerous committees expressing a sense of growth and satisfaction through their committee participation.

Interested in joining a committee? Send an email to [email protected] with your contact information and the committee you would like to join.  Detailed information about committee member responsibilities is listed below.

Education Committee

The Education Committee’s primary goal is to organize and conduct day-long educational meetings and a three-day Annual Meeting and Conference. The educational programs are planned in response to the expressed needs and interests of the membership, and to provide current information on relevant risk management issues.

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee’s primary goal is to maintain and expand the membership by promoting the Society’s purpose throughout Michigan. The Committee distributes membership applications, receives and reviews completed applications, recommends applicants for membership to the Board of Directors and coordinates the management of information for the Membership Directory.

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Government Issues Committee

The Governmental Issues Committee’s primary goal is to educate the membership about legislative issues with risk management implications and to represent the Society and Healthcare Risk Management in legislative and judicial areas where appropriate.

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Communication Committee

The Communication Committee is charged with enhancing public and professional awareness of healthcare risk management in the State of Michigan. The committee maintains the website and promotes MSHRM through the use of social media tools.

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Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of soliciting and maintaining sponsorships for the Society and its activities.  The Committee will ensure that appropriate marketing and informational materials about MSHRM are current and available to potential sponsors as well as the Society’s membership.  The Committee will coordinate internal and external communications related to sponsorship, working with other related Society committees and leadership.  In addition, the Committee will evaluate and investigate new opportunities and methods for expanding the sponsorship program for the Society and will report to the Board and membership on the status of its activities and goals.

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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting the recipient of the R. Paul Venzke Award. Named for R. Paul Venzke, MSHRM's first President, the award recognizes a Risk Management Professional who has demonstrated Excellence in the field through verifiable positive impact on patient safety or risk reduction, leadership behaviors, service as a role model to others and a strong commitment to the furtherance of the risk management profession. The committee is comprised of the five most recent award recipients who are active members.

Council of Past Presidents

This Council is responsible for maintaining the Historical Brochure, which is used as a tool for recruiting prospective members, as well as the overall promotion of the Society’s strength and visibility. This group of Past Presidents represents stability and experience for additional assignments as requested by the Board of Directors.